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AIRSOFTGUNUSA.COM :: Airsoft t shirts tshirts 6MMZ

Airsoft t shirts tshirts 6MMZ
Airsoft t-shirts (tshirts, t shirts) by 6mmz are being distrbuted by Bargain Crusader, Inc through our website  Awesome designs, and quality t shirts. We also offer t-shirt fullfillment services if you have an event or just a design you would like printed on most any apparel (t-shirts, mouse pads, pants, wood, canvas, more) we can do it for you, just ask. 
The prices listed are for one print location up to 120 square inches, such as a 10" x 12".
We also print larger prints. Please see additional pricing below or contact us for a quote.

PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE COST OF GARMENT! We can supply garment, or you supply it is your choice.
 Example pricing for 1-5 custom t-shirts on white of size approx. 12" x 10"  one side up to X-large male will run $12 if you supply finished art.  Print  5-25 for $7.50 each,  26-75 $5 each,  76-200  $3.5 each,  and above 201 and above $3.00 each.
Dark color t shirts that need white undercoating add  $4.00  to cost.
Jumbo print sizes add costs as follows :
 Up to 170" sq. (12"x14" example)  Add $0.60 per print
   Up to 210" sq. (13"x16" example)  Add $1.10 per print
   Up to 250" sq. (14"x17" example)  Add $1.50 per print
   Up to 300" sq. (15"x20" example)  Add $2.00 per print
   Left Chest or Side Sleeve (Second Location)
   Up to a 5"x5" Print
 Add $2.50 for Lights
 Add $4.00 for Darks
 Any print requiring white underlay will be priced as dark pricing.  Any image that has white will use the t-shirt color for the white, so please consider this in choosing textile color.  If you require a white underlay on a colored shirt (light or dark)  you will have to consider the dark pricing costs.
 While many services are limited to 15"x 17" we can offer  lengths up to 52", and able to give sleeve to sleeve,  custom length printing.
Please have artwork sized to print! We accept almost any file type but we ask that you send artwork at 150 dpi as this is all that is need to reproduce photo quality prints and fine details. PSD files are recommended as this is the program we print from. Please merge all layers as one. For dark garment printing, the file must contain a transparent background. For graphic alterations, a $50 per hour art prep fee applies (half hour minimum).  Minor alterations & graphic enhancements are free of charge.

Our current acceptable misprint policy is 4%. Please understand that this is not usually an issue but is in place due to the technology utilized.  Average number of garments misprinted during production is under one half of one percent.
If an exact quantity of garments is needed, please provide 2 extra per size per 100 printing. While we have may print on a variety of garments, we have not had the chance to test the washability or reliability of all garment types and styles. It is for these reasons that certain garments and prints may have a higher misprint ratio than others.
This is true for anything that is not a standard t-shirt and any print not in a standard location.
 Please email with any questions.

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