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Terms Lending
 We have had people ask us to offer terms for sales. We are unable to offer terms since we have encountered too many problems, and because to offer terms would require hiring more staff, accounting software, and getting a bank loan, we will not be offering terms anytime soon.
We have however possibly come up with an idea that may work for you. Get loans at at PROSPER, and borrow money with the assistance of many lenders.
How this works is there are many common people willing to borrow other common people money for their goals. Lets say you feel you need $3000 for terms, you can request a loan within our group. Prosper will make a credit check so everyone can see your credit history. People will bid on your request for money. The better your credit history, and (DTI Debt to income) ability to repay will determine your risk, and peoples lending rate they are willing to offer. Just like a bank The better your credit, and DTI the better rate you will receive. In general we have seen rates very similar to banks, some better, some worse. We cannot guarantee a loan to all customers but we can offer credibility, and history as a customer to help your case for the loan if you are within our group. Remember groups are rated on their members repaying the loans, so it is very important that  each person within the group pay their loans on time, and in full.
Similar to paypal you will need to setup an account that will deposit, and withdraw your payments, and loan. When your loan is approved the full lump sum amount is deposited into your verified bank account, and each month your payment is automatically withdrawn. You will learn more when you sign up, so CLICK HERE, and join this group .
If you do not need a loan, you may also be one of the many lenders to help others reach their goals. As a lender you are able to see 6-21% returns for lending to others in need, diversifying your investment portfolio, and reduce risk by borrowing as low as $50 to hundreds of borrowers in need. CLICK HERE now for this unique opprotunity.
If you apply for a loan it is best to follow the guidelines below to increase your chances of receiving a loan, and at a lower rate. In your description state the following important pieces of information.
1. Who you are, maybe a little family history. Example; Hello may name is Jon Doe I am a married 44 year young business owner, with 2 children.
2. Why you need the loan. Example;  I have a small business (name?) store front in a high foot traffic mall, and/or online that has been growing at a rapid rate. Because this industry is growing rapidly we are in need to increase our inventory to keep up with demands.
3. Sales history;  Sales 2 years ago($50,000) were, last year was ($75,000), and we are seeing this kind of growth, or slow down.
4. How you will repay this is important people need to know you have ability to pay, state family income (note it is very important when stating income if it is gross, or net (before or after taxes, alimony, etc...)example;   My monthly net income is ($2500) after taxes, etc... , my spouse makes ($2000) month as a paralegal. She has worked as a paralegal for the past 7 years and is stable employment. Monthly household income $4500
5. Debt- list your monthly home debt, not business debt.   Home loan-$800 taxes inc. , Auto $300, food $400, entertainment $400,   Total monthly debt $1800
6.  A commitment statement example;  I am commited to repay this loan and plan to repay loan early, or keep for full term.
7. Thank you for considering my goals!

 This brief story is important in obtaining your loan, you should add any pertinent pieces of information you feel will help your case. Keep the dollar amount your asking for in line with your ability to repay. Also to improve your chances you may fax us income verification that we may post we have verified this information. Let us know if you need assistance, call 608-663-9779, or email
Good luck!


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